Join us for a Webinar

Well we took a little break to let you digest part one of The FORMULA Setting up Shop and now the gang is back for more action in part two of this series.

Have you been wondering if you’re setting up your virtual tour company the right way?

Ever ask yourself what you could do right out of the gate to set yourself apart?

Are you a bit confused as to what to do next and where to put your precious company dollars?

Has your business slowed down and are you in need of an overhaul of your virtual tour products and virtual tour service offerings?

Do you just need to put a little more steam into your virtual tour & property marketing sales?

If you answered yes, and you’re an RTV virtual tour provider you MUST attend part 2 of Setting up Shop next week for The FORMULA 21.

We have arranged to have guest appearances from Graves Carey of Delaware Virtual Tours, Alan Fon of Corpus Christi Virtual Tours, Mike Thompson of Detroit Virtual Tours and of course Jason LaVanture of Traverse City Virtual Tours and

This combined panel has produced a total of 6314 virtual tours with “Kid Dynamite” Graves Carey leading the pack with over 2600 tours produced!

Please join us on Tuesday February 2nd at 7:00 PM EST as we engage in a round table discussion on “Setting up Shop”. This is an Inner Circle Only Event. See you at the show!


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