Happy Virtual Tour Campers

Dear RTV,

“OK, just so you know – we are very happy. It seems to me that we are getting quite a value for the money we paid to RTV. Even if there were no virtual tour software involved, just being associated with RTV has greatly enhanced our personal and business skills in the short time we have been providers.

As far as I’m concerned, the tools you provide to enhance the providership are far more advanced than anything else we have evaluated before making our decision to sign up. Specifically, your classes in SEO, your classes in Social Networking, your marketing tools and presentations and your webinars make it very easy to compete here in Arizona where the market is extremely crowded.

Your webinars from both The FORMULA and The IMAGE are something we look forward to on Tuesday afternoons. There is always a take-away from each webinar that we implement the next day. Additionally, we have found Ben Knorr to be a great communicator of technical knowledge which isn’t a very easy thing to do. He is equally skilled in software and in photography. Everything is laid out perfectly and creates a good foundation for understanding new ideas and techniques.

Finally we must say that the RTV virtual tour software is put together so easy to use. We are excited and hope to become a very successful high end provider of your product as well as high end photographers for the Tour Track system. You will need to sign up Brad Feinberg Photography, LLC for the Inner Circle because we are addicted to improving our business through the model you have established.

Please let me know when our “free” subscription is ending and when we need to upgrade to the Inner Circle. Once again, thank you very much for all of the help and the transfer of knowledge that you are providing.

Virtual Tour Software