Florida Mobile Marketing System

Virtual Florida Tours is presenting the new text messaging service for real estate marketing. This is the best service provided since the advent of virtual tours.
Virtual Florida Tours is always searching for the top notch technologies that will allow our customers top the market and provide their customers the best possible service available at the lowest prices possible.

We made an exhaustive research of all the providers of this service and selected the one that gives the best quality service available on the market. Our provider offers this service on all the United States and Canada. That is a greater coverage that you can obtain with most of the companies. Allowing prospector to text the number to friends and family that are willing to relocate to the area and they will be able to see the property and the realtor will receive immediately information on the telephones that have contacted their advertisement.

If you will like to receive a better idea of the service we are presenting just SMS prop123 to 43766 or click to see a little presentation.

Gabriel Duque
Miami Virtual Tours
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