Are Your Tours Dial-Up Friendly?

Are your clients still on dial-up? Are most of your virtual tour clients customers still on dial-up or returning to dial-up? Believe it or not because of our economy many cash-strapped Americans are giving up their broadband connections and returning to snail-paced dial up modems. What does this mean for your virtual tour company?

ISPs admit that while dial-up in the United States is declining, it is not dropping that fast. Kevin Brand, senior vice president of product management at EarthLink was quoted as saying that there was still a big market out there and during these tough times, even customers who have bundles including broadband may be looking at their bill and wondering if they really need it.

The good news for you, as an RTV provider, is that RTV’s virtual tours run flawlessly on a dial-up connection. This is a huge selling point especially for those potential clients that have seen our competitors sluggish tours on a dial-up connection.

Don’t forget too that the best part about using the RTV virtual tour solution is that they are able to program in all of features that their virtual tour providers like about the other virtual tour systems, keeping their technology on the cutting edge of the virtual tour technology, even for dial-up users.

Mike and Joy Thompson
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