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Well we took a little break to let you digest part one of The FORMULA Setting up Shop and now the gang is back for more action in part two of this series.

Have you been wondering if you’re setting up your virtual tour company the right way?

Ever ask yourself what you could do right out of the gate to set yourself apart?

Are you a bit confused as to what to do next and where to put your precious company dollars?

Has your business slowed down and are you in need of an overhaul of your virtual tour products and virtual tour service offerings?

Do you just need to put a little more steam into your virtual tour & property marketing sales?

If you answered yes, and you’re an RTV virtual tour provider you MUST attend part 2 of Setting up Shop next week for The FORMULA 21.

We have arranged to have guest appearances from Graves Carey of Delaware Virtual Tours, Alan Fon of Corpus Christi Virtual Tours, Mike Thompson of Detroit Virtual Tours and of course Jason LaVanture of Traverse City Virtual Tours and

This combined panel has produced a total of 6314 virtual tours with “Kid Dynamite” Graves Carey leading the pack with over 2600 tours produced!

Please join us on Tuesday February 2nd at 7:00 PM EST as we engage in a round table discussion on “Setting up Shop”. This is an Inner Circle Only Event. See you at the show!


Reserve your Webinar seat now by logging into your TMS!

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On a recent trip to Florida, we had dinner on the beach during a beautiful sunset. The sky looked like it was on fire as gorgeous shades of red and orange lit the horizon. Wanting to capture the moment, we asked a friend to take our picture. In the picture, you can see the sunset if you look hard enough but unfortunately, the first and potentially only thing you see is my pretty but very distracting pink and orange paisley shirt.

Preparing for a virtual tour is just like preparing for any apartment photography shoot…it’s vitally important that nothing distracts the viewer from the big picture. Virtual tours allow prospective buyers, renters or customers to step into your venue and literally take a look around. After you live in a space for a while, you often don’t see your own clutter or distractions. Problem is that someone who sees it for the first time often has a tough time seeing anything BUT the clutter and distractions.

We recently shot some  virtual tours where the homeowners had a large carousel horse. While it was beautiful and unique in person, in the 360º photographs it became a distraction from what was otherwise an elegant and classy living room.

We understand you usually have to live in your home while it is for sale but keep in mine, once your house is on the market, you must view it as a commodity and not as “your” home. Take a look around your house and see what prospective buyers may see. Go to open houses in your neighborhood and see what stands out to you.

Some of the things that can be visual stumbling blocks include:

Personal photographs
Office clutter
Kitchen counter catch-alls
Large or unique decorative pieces
Bookshelf or built-in displays
Refrigerator magnets and art
Distinct wall colors and accent walls

Remember that the objective is to showcase your home…not your stuff. If necessary, ask a friend to come over and objectively walk through your house. Chances are they will see things that you miss.

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I have been involved in land development, on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) side, for over 20 years. When the economic downturn occurred, the land development industry slowed to a crawl, forcing many engineering firms to have layoffs. I was one of several thousand engineers in the industry who was affected by this.

One always has to be open and ready for change. Now was the time to be proactive. With the absolute belief that I am in control of my own success or failure in life, I began to make some changes. I had always wanted to start a business involving video, and photography. With 20 years of computer work and engineering under my belt, I wanted to incorporate that experience somehow and knew I wanted to do this with the help of a successful franchise. Thus began the search for a suitable partner.

Enter RTV (Real Tour Vision).

Jason LaVanture, the founder of RTV, answered all my questions thoroughly. RTV waited patiently with no pressure for many months for me to make an informed decision. After looking over all the information I chose to invest and become a full service virtual tour provider with RTV. They are the largest virtual tour company and property marketing network in the world. They have the best virtual tour software, property marketing training and technical support. They even hold many national and International contracts with hotel chains which feeds business back into the virtual tour provider network. How cool is that!!??

With Real Tour Vision servicing over sixty thousand real estate agents worldwide and over 1500 virtual tour providers in his network, Jason knows what services and functionality are needed on a local or national level. I am very excited to be moving forward in my new Harrison virtual tour business business venture, Virtual Tour Success, with RTV at my side. I can’t wait to be up in full force and to be providing my own clients with the best the industry has to offer in marketing and solutions to their problems.

The competition in the Real Estate Industry is fierce now. Quality virtual tours will give my clients the edge not only at the local level, but at the national and international levels.
To give your property the edge contact Virtual Tour Success today.

Virtual Tour Company Testimonial by:
Buffy Crosby
Harrison Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 916-690-1786

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Virtual Florida Tours is presenting the new text messaging service for real estate marketing. This is the best service provided since the advent of virtual tours.
Virtual Florida Tours is always searching for the top notch technologies that will allow our customers top the market and provide their customers the best possible service available at the lowest prices possible.

We made an exhaustive research of all the providers of this service and selected the one that gives the best quality service available on the market. Our provider offers this service on all the United States and Canada. That is a greater coverage that you can obtain with most of the companies. Allowing prospector to text the number to friends and family that are willing to relocate to the area and they will be able to see the property and the realtor will receive immediately information on the telephones that have contacted their advertisement.

If you will like to receive a better idea of the service we are presenting just SMS prop123 to 43766 or click to see a little presentation.

Gabriel Duque
Miami Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour today: 305 331 8960

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I want to thank Ben Knorr for our virtual tour IMAGE Webinar this past Tues. evening, having a 2nd flash available on a shoot is really a valuable idea. I’ve been carrying a 2nd flash around for a while and I’ve had a few instances where I needed it. is shooting a lot of virtual tours in the resort rental cabins in the Great Smokey Mountains area, more exactly in Wears Valley right outside Pigeon Forge, all this just down the road from Knoxville, TN. It’s really great, I get to see some really beautiful mountain and valley views while shooting my virtual tours and also visit some awesome rental Log Cabins, values range from $100,000 to well over $1,000,000.

There’s all designs and different themes for these cabins, mostly these are homes away from homes and are rented to vacationers when the owners aren’t in the area. With our situation with the economy, a very many of these cabins are for sale, creating a pretty good situation for my Knoxville virtual tour company.

I recently shot a virtual tour of a cabin that was named “Me Tarzan You Jane”. Right in the very middle of this cabin was a good size tree! complete with branches and leaves, it did look very real. I always try to shoot cabins with a diffused flash, around f5.6 or so and a slow shutter speed – it helps bring out ambient light in the virtual tour. My biggest problem is white balance, the rooms already have a pretty warm glow, and unless I come in with several flashes and blow out the lights, this warm glow gets pretty intense. I put a #82 blue filter on it in photoshop, that helps a bit but that red is pretty hard to minimize and opening up a bit loses me depth of field.

Balancing the light coming in thru the windows while shooting your virtual tour is pretty easy unless it’s really bright outside, like direct sunlight on the windows, I find I get a happy balance averaging readings from the windows and the inside. I also try and stage a bit – Setting up the pool table to play, sometimes setting out dinner ware in the eating area, and such. I’m an “old Newspaper Photographer”, my clients like that I take lots of photos and on a virtual tour shoot.

Running a virtual tour company through RTV is such a great way to make a living, all I need now is more customers and I’m set for life!

I hope everybody has a very prosperous 2010.

Mike O’Neill
Knoxville Virtual Tours

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