Virtual Florida Tours Announces TxT Connect

The new Miami-based mobile marketing and real estate agent lead capture system provide by Virtual Florida Tours is the best marketing service provided to Real Estate since the introduction of virtual tours.

The Realtor® creates his/her advertising campaign for the property places it on one of his listings page at miamidadeconect, and places a rider on the for sale sign. The customer sees the rider sends a message to obtain more information and receives immediate feedback on the property, at the same time the Realtor® receives a phone number that will allow her/him to contact the prospect.

This system is extremely affordable 2.95 per listing per month with up to 100 text messages free when you buy our 10 listings plan. Just imagine how this tool will help you to promote your business. You will be the realtor that is willing to go the extra mile for your customer. You can offer your customer this new text messaging system that not other one is offering. Your competition will not stand a chance.

For more information on how to obtain this new tool contact Virtual Florida Tours at (305) 331 8960 or see our add at