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Greetings from Supernova Studios, Nova Scotia. My last blog; at Thanksgiving, I gave “thanks” to David Hall of Listing Solutions in St. Augustine Florida, for sharing his insight and sales success with the TxtConnect program. Since then I’ve connected with Buffy Crosby of Middleboro, MA, on facebook. Buffy is a newcomer and anxious to network with fellow RTV providers.

The RTV blog (www.virtualtourprovider.com) is a great way to stay connected with your fellow providers and get ideas on how to build your virtual tour company. Also I’ve found that if you’re blogging somewhere else and NOT posting to the RTV blog you’re really missing out on the google juice as they say. This is seriously the very BEST pumper site on the planet if you have a VT company. Anyway here in the blog you will find that other virtual tour providers from all over the World share their insight, words of wisdom, encouragement, tips & tricks and success stories.

If you aren’t reading RTV’s daily blogs you are not only missing out on some great information, but excellent networking opportunities. Go ahead and do a google search for “Nova Scotia virtual tour company”. The first two hits are my RTV blog. Third in line is my competitor. Were it not for the RTV blog this provider would be hard to find.

I made good of my plan to take advantage of the Txt Connect demo codes and contacted 8 top agents to email me listing information of a “high visibility” listing. I ordered 8 panoriders from a local sign company ($6 each) and chose generic company codes like “REMAX” and “EXIT. I contacted TxTConnect who were happy to provide me with a jpg image of the panorider shown on the how it works page. http://supernova.txt2look.com/howitworks.php It was important to me that I be consistent when establishing my brand. (when ordering your signs, be in touch with TxTConnect – they will share the RGB values of the blue and orange colors used in the sign as well as the font)

Signs in hand and listing information entered, I tested each code and “proofed” the listings. Worked like a charm – it was time to visit the real estate companies! I brought my cell phone, the panoriders, my business cards and a brochure with “how it works” also pointing them to my website in case they “forgot” as soon as I walked out the door. Fellow agents – when entering the listing information for you demo codes be sure that you click on the little phone to confirm all relevant text is captured. There is a maximum amount of characters allowed and you may have to abbreviate some words.

Each of the agents told me they had seen my print advertising and were curious but unsure. Each of the agents LOVED the technology and were very excited about capturing a lead. The “lead” was my largest selling feature, causing a certain “sparkle” in the eye of the agents. I explained that the first code was a “variable” and could be changed. Example – EXIT could be their “own” name – Text John to 25665. (they loved that too) But the second code 25665 was constant. I explained that every time someone texted “John” to 25665 they would get a lead to their phone, email or both.

Shortly after returning to my office I had a call from one of the “keener” agents I had visited. They had been “playing” with the technology at his office and he was not getting the “lead” information to his cell phone? It was then that I realized that because I had set them up under my demo codes that the “lead” was coming to MY cell phone. Do not make the same mistake I did. When you teach/show the technology using your cell phone (with the listing information that YOU have entered and proofed) be sure to also show them (using your cell phone) what the lead will look like. When they activate their OWN account and make a purchase the lead will go to THEIR phone. In the meantime I have promised to email daily reports with the lead information.

One final observation I would like to share. Of the 8 agents I visited, 5 of them preferred to have ME enter the listing information. The other 3 agents were thrilled about having an opportunity to update their listing information on their own, as often as they wanted. When a client purchases a code for 30 days, that code is not necessarily “married” to a specific property. The agent COULD put the panorider on one property for two weeks (change the information to reflect a new property) and put the sign on an entirely new property for the remainder of the month. An excellent idea to showcase an upcoming open house. My point is this- you may want to consider offering the “service” of entering the listing information for your client. I will be.

I invite you to send me (Nancy Elizabeth Bain) a friend request on facebook. I’ll send you an invitation to my group “Supernova Studios” and you can see how I am marketing myself on there. We can learn from one another.

In the meantime tell all your friends, family and business associates in Nova Scotia to contact Supernova Studios for all their Nova Scotia virtual tour and text message marketing needs!

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