Office Space for Rent?

Does your virtual tour company have a desk, cubicle, office or suite that is generating dust as opposed to revenue? Have you recently downsized your workforce resulting in an abundance of unused office space? Is your company locked into a long term lease and could benefit from an additional revenue stream?

In today’s economy, many companies of all kinds are downsizing their workforce, resulting in a growing inventory of unused commercial space. At the same time, a large number of entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to reduce their overhead by re-negotiating their existing commercial leases, or finding new space altogether.

Open Office Space, based in New York City, has launched a new website to facilitate the interaction between companies burdened with carrying the cost of their unused office space and small businesses/entrepreneurs looking to streamline their expenses.

A shared space is the perfect solution for a small business or entrepreneur looking to cut costs while providing a revenue stream to a space holder when they can use it the most. was designed with ease of use as the number one priority. “We set out to create an extremely clean and user friendly experience that is unlike any other typical real estate or classified website”. As we continue to grow we are finding that more and more of our customers see a large need to do virtual tours of their office space for rent.

The comprehensive “Evolving Guide to Leasing” alone is worth a visit to the site. The interactive guide explores the “Top 10 Mistakes” made by companies during the leasing process with and outlines in layman’s terms “The 4 Steps” it takes to be successful every step of the way. From finding the right space and negotiating the lease to planning the layout and creating an eco-friendly work place, the sites powerful interactive tools and easily understandable content simplifies the leasing process for everyone involved.

One of the most common mistakes made during the leasing process is estimating how much space your business will actually need. Getting too much means unnecessary additional costs while too little means growing out of it before you are ready to move. For entrepreneurs and small businesses (even you virtual tour providers that are out there!!) that are unsure of how much space they actually need, the space estimation tool can be used to calculate the right amount of square footage based on a company’s specific requirements. With options ranging from a single desk, a cubicle, a shared office, a private office, to a co-working space or an executive suite, the calculator and check list take visitors through the entire process.

“It is an excellent resource, not only in this economy but in any economy, for small businesses with limited budgets, looking to create the ideal working environment,” said Spector.

Users can design, find or post available office space at no cost, anywhere in the US and Canada. With the help of the RTV Virtual Tour Network users may also order full service open office space virtual tours for their listings at a very reasonable price! Featured cities on the site include Austin, TX; Charleston, SC; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Toronto, Ontario; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; San Jose, CA; Vancouver, British Columbia; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; New York, NY and Seattle, WA