Need White Balance?

Hello everyone out there in RTV Land! I wanted to share this White balance information with you and maybe it will help you build a better 360 virtual tour.

I’m sure you know the importance of white balance and while the automatic settings are somewhat acceptable the best and most accurate White balance is a Custom White balance available only on SLR type digital cameras such as the Canon Rebel Xti. Creating a custom white balance setting has always been a bit cumbersome to do and it needs to be change with each room setting & lighting.

If set for a small room with incandescent/daylight & flash lighting it wont work in a larger room with say, A florescent & flash lighting set up so it needs to be set again; Very cumbersome and time consuming. However; I just found a new white balance lens cap that makes Custom White balance 10x easier! I saw this on someone’s camera and inquired about it, got the info and headed for the camera shop. They had 2 types ranging in price from $60- over $100. A bit pricey so I thought I would look on E-bay. As it turns out they had a similar product for $4.95 with FREE shipping! Could it be as good? I thought, Hmm? It was worth trying for 5 bucks.

I received it in about two weeks and it works like a charm, color is now spot on! Best 5 bucks I ever spent on photo gear. It is now just $4.55 if you login to Ebay and search for a
“White Balance Lens Filter Cap With Filter Mount.

Hmm, now if I could only figure a way to get a piece of the action when hundreds of RTV virtual tour providers scramble for this…LOL Happy to share a $95.00 savings for everyone!

Dale Hart
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