The FORMULA ‘Setting up Shop’ Outline

Tuesday’s Show “Setting up Shop” was a fantastic hit altogether! Nearly 100 RTV providers joined us for what it now going to be a two part series. Four of RTV’s top virtual tour providers had a round table discussion on how they setup their successful virtual tour companies and why they have remained dedicated to the RTV virtual tour technology for so long.

Stay tuned for part two of “Setting up Shop” sometime in early January. The line in the outline below indicates how far we made it during our first show.

Recruiting Your First virtual tour Customers
learn about your customers needs
learn about your competition
form your customer advisory board
attend weekly sales meetings

Setting up shop
Selecting the right name
Logo design
Website and hosting
print yourself vs. local printing vs. Vistaprint
Computer hardware
what hardware is suggested -> best pricing
suggestions on what to buy -> best pricing
photo processing
work flow tracking (appointments, work process, billing)
Quick Books

Setting up Shop II – Look for this episode of “The FORMULA” show in early January

Process Flow
setting Appointments -> onsite filming -> offsite processing
total turn around time
what services will you provide

Credibility boosters
business cards
business insurance (liability and bonding)
local phone number
fax number
PO box
toll free number

Affiliate to local MLS
get involved
sponsor classes

Expanding your business
continuous improvement
recruitment and hiring

Blogging in the virtual tour provider blog at RTV. Why you MUST use the RTV blog to link back to your site if you want #1 Ranking