Bring Properties to Life with RTV Interactive Floor Plans

RTV is pleased to announce that they’ve gone live with their new Interactive Floor Plan System powered by Icovia. Icovia is the industry standard for online space planning.

The Interactive Floor Plans are launched directly from your client’s online property listings, their buyers browse detailed floor plans branded with your client’s corporate identity. And coming this spring your agents will be automatically alerted when users save, print or share the floor plan.

You have a couple options to choose from when using your floor plan software:

~Draw your own floor plans in minutes by tracing over a sketch or starting from scratch.
~Or have Icovia draw the floor plan for you ONLY TWENTY BUCKS!!! Just email or fax your floor plan sketch to them and they’ll do the rest.

The RTV Interactive Floor Plan is an amazing online tool for planning and designing spaces. The floor planner makes it easy to recreate an entire house or you can create professional floor plans in minutes.

Easily Create Floor Plans

Point and click to add walls and drag-and-drop windows, doors and other items. Plans can be added by your agents, a measuring service, or by the Icovia design team.

Integrate Photos and Tours

The RTV Interactive Floor Plan combines function and finesse to make your property shine. Include photos, panoramas and virtual tours of your properties and watch your listings come to life.

In addition, an integrated reporting tool gives you real-time access to user registration data and performance metrics. Identify top properties and help your clients reach new buyers.

Features Include:

~Launching directly from online property listings Branded with your client’s corporate identity, both in the viewer and the printouts.

~Easy to use – no software to install.

~Link to photos and virtual tours.

~Integrated collaboration tools for prospects and agents.

~Capture detailed buyer information – Coming soon!

~Powerful reporting tool identifies top properties and interested buyers.

Benefits Include:

~Generates registered contacts for your agents – Coming soon!.

~Engages prospects and creates excitement about property listings.

~Gives agents another way to identify and collaborate with prospective buyers

~Differentiates your company and your client’s company.

Help bring your client’s properties to life with interactive floor plans. Join the list of leading companies that use the Interactive Floor Plans powered by Icovia to convert web traffic into contact lists for your Client’s potential buyers.

This technology leapfrogs the floor plan technology of your competitors with its unique ability to add photos, panoramas, AND move furniture around! Take a test drive of the new RTV Interactive Floor Plan System today!