Are Social Sites Costing you Money?

Imagine your virtual tour customers seeing an embarrassing photo of you. How would you feel? Do you ever want a business client to read your comments about a bad day at work? How about your personal problems?

If you use Social Media for both your virtual tour business and personal life, you need to be careful! Here at Real Vision Studio, a Detroit Virtual Tour Company in South East Michigan, a full service virtual tour provider for RTV, we need not only maintain a level of business decorum for ourselves, but for the reputation of RTV.

RTV is a global company and maintains several national accounts that they are affiliated with, hence the need for professionalism on both your part and corporates.

Below are some excellent articles that provide examples of how (not) to use social media appropriately, while maintaining your reputation.

~How to tweet your way out of a job

~Social media can get you in trouble!

~How not to embarrass yourself when using Facebook

~Be careful what you post

Mike and Joy Thompson
Detroit Virtual Tours