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Happy holidays and warm wishes to all of our Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers. We hope at this time of year that you have the opportunity to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones.

This is a great time to reflect on the past year. We feel we’ve made some very great strides in 2009 with the explosive growth in our Tour Track department and some technical enhancements too. We look forward to even more Tour Track growth along with major updates and enhancements to our virtual tour system in 2010.

Thank you for choosing to do business with us and be a part of Team RTV as you build your virtual tour company.

Real Tour Vision
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Dear RTV,

I was pleased to participate in the Webinar last night, the IMAGE, about lighting and framing. Ben Knorr was extremely helpful with his tips about lighting and looking for artistic framing of our shots. As a new RTV provider who has not done any Tour Track jobs, knowing settings of the camera that others use for these Hotel/Hospitality tours is very helpful. I enjoy learning something new from each of the webinars I listen to. I hope that my images quickly reflect that.

The Faststone Image viewer seems very helpful as well. What a great piece of software to get for free. I might need an entire webinar on how to use it. I think that RTV does a great job of keeping its providers educated. New technology and techniques are shared freely and that makes RTV a truly unique experience. Thanks for welcoming me into the RTV family.

Mary Jane Salopek
Virtual Tour Software

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Greetings from Supernova Studios, Nova Scotia. My last blog; at Thanksgiving, I gave “thanks” to David Hall of Listing Solutions in St. Augustine Florida, for sharing his insight and sales success with the TxtConnect program. Since then I’ve connected with Buffy Crosby of Middleboro, MA, on facebook. Buffy is a newcomer and anxious to network with fellow RTV providers.

The RTV blog ( is a great way to stay connected with your fellow providers and get ideas on how to build your virtual tour company. Also I’ve found that if you’re blogging somewhere else and NOT posting to the RTV blog you’re really missing out on the google juice as they say. This is seriously the very BEST pumper site on the planet if you have a VT company. Anyway here in the blog you will find that other virtual tour providers from all over the World share their insight, words of wisdom, encouragement, tips & tricks and success stories.

If you aren’t reading RTV’s daily blogs you are not only missing out on some great information, but excellent networking opportunities. Go ahead and do a google search for “Nova Scotia virtual tour company”. The first two hits are my RTV blog. Third in line is my competitor. Were it not for the RTV blog this provider would be hard to find.

I made good of my plan to take advantage of the Txt Connect demo codes and contacted 8 top agents to email me listing information of a “high visibility” listing. I ordered 8 panoriders from a local sign company ($6 each) and chose generic company codes like “REMAX” and “EXIT. I contacted TxTConnect who were happy to provide me with a jpg image of the panorider shown on the how it works page. It was important to me that I be consistent when establishing my brand. (when ordering your signs, be in touch with TxTConnect – they will share the RGB values of the blue and orange colors used in the sign as well as the font)

Signs in hand and listing information entered, I tested each code and “proofed” the listings. Worked like a charm – it was time to visit the real estate companies! I brought my cell phone, the panoriders, my business cards and a brochure with “how it works” also pointing them to my website in case they “forgot” as soon as I walked out the door. Fellow agents – when entering the listing information for you demo codes be sure that you click on the little phone to confirm all relevant text is captured. There is a maximum amount of characters allowed and you may have to abbreviate some words.

Each of the agents told me they had seen my print advertising and were curious but unsure. Each of the agents LOVED the technology and were very excited about capturing a lead. The “lead” was my largest selling feature, causing a certain “sparkle” in the eye of the agents. I explained that the first code was a “variable” and could be changed. Example – EXIT could be their “own” name – Text John to 25665. (they loved that too) But the second code 25665 was constant. I explained that every time someone texted “John” to 25665 they would get a lead to their phone, email or both.

Shortly after returning to my office I had a call from one of the “keener” agents I had visited. They had been “playing” with the technology at his office and he was not getting the “lead” information to his cell phone? It was then that I realized that because I had set them up under my demo codes that the “lead” was coming to MY cell phone. Do not make the same mistake I did. When you teach/show the technology using your cell phone (with the listing information that YOU have entered and proofed) be sure to also show them (using your cell phone) what the lead will look like. When they activate their OWN account and make a purchase the lead will go to THEIR phone. In the meantime I have promised to email daily reports with the lead information.

One final observation I would like to share. Of the 8 agents I visited, 5 of them preferred to have ME enter the listing information. The other 3 agents were thrilled about having an opportunity to update their listing information on their own, as often as they wanted. When a client purchases a code for 30 days, that code is not necessarily “married” to a specific property. The agent COULD put the panorider on one property for two weeks (change the information to reflect a new property) and put the sign on an entirely new property for the remainder of the month. An excellent idea to showcase an upcoming open house. My point is this- you may want to consider offering the “service” of entering the listing information for your client. I will be.

I invite you to send me (Nancy Elizabeth Bain) a friend request on facebook. I’ll send you an invitation to my group “Supernova Studios” and you can see how I am marketing myself on there. We can learn from one another.

In the meantime tell all your friends, family and business associates in Nova Scotia to contact Supernova Studios for all their Nova Scotia virtual tour and text message marketing needs!

Book your Nova Scotia virtual tour today!

Supernova Studios
159 Alexandra Ave.
Bridgewater, NS B4V 1H6
Phone: 902-543-2185

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Hello everyone out there in RTV Land! I wanted to share this White balance information with you and maybe it will help you build a better 360 virtual tour.

I’m sure you know the importance of white balance and while the automatic settings are somewhat acceptable the best and most accurate White balance is a Custom White balance available only on SLR type digital cameras such as the Canon Rebel Xti. Creating a custom white balance setting has always been a bit cumbersome to do and it needs to be change with each room setting & lighting.

If set for a small room with incandescent/daylight & flash lighting it wont work in a larger room with say, A florescent & flash lighting set up so it needs to be set again; Very cumbersome and time consuming. However; I just found a new white balance lens cap that makes Custom White balance 10x easier! I saw this on someone’s camera and inquired about it, got the info and headed for the camera shop. They had 2 types ranging in price from $60- over $100. A bit pricey so I thought I would look on E-bay. As it turns out they had a similar product for $4.95 with FREE shipping! Could it be as good? I thought, Hmm? It was worth trying for 5 bucks.

I received it in about two weeks and it works like a charm, color is now spot on! Best 5 bucks I ever spent on photo gear. It is now just $4.55 if you login to Ebay and search for a
“White Balance Lens Filter Cap With Filter Mount.

Hmm, now if I could only figure a way to get a piece of the action when hundreds of RTV virtual tour providers scramble for this…LOL Happy to share a $95.00 savings for everyone!

Dale Hart
Office/Cell 505 962 2207
Dragon Fly 360
Albuquerque Virtual Tours

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DragonFly 360 Imaging, an Albuquerque virtual tour provider and iindependent RTV full service provider continues to offer a vast range of property marketing tools to the Real Estate Professionals here in New Mexico.

Since setting up shop in Albuquerque, NM a little more then a year ago, DragonFly 360 imaging, an Albuquerque based Virtual Tour Company, has continued to strive to bring the local Real Estate industry products that enhance the marketing of your listings and personal Brand.

Starting with cutting-edge, fully interactive, 360 Virtual Tours custom branded for you, These SEO powered and Google linked Virtual Tours are the most important tool in your marketing arsenal given that 80% of home buyers start the search for their new home on the internet first.
Virtual Tours such as these offer the potential buyer a Virtual “Open House” 24 hrs a day and allow sellers a bit more peace of mind not having curiosity seekers traipsing through their home.

To further enhance your 360 Virtual Tours DragonFly 360 Imaging offers syndication services through and other venues such as YouTube allowing for greater exposure of your listing and additional back linking to your website.

In August we introduced Text Message Marketing with our new DragonFlyTxt2look service offering property specific text messaging service with up to 10 photos to interested buyers and giving you, the Realtor exclusive lead capture!

As of November, you can now bring Properties to Life with Interactive Floor Plans that are easily integrated directly into your 360 virtual tour. This technology leapfrogs the competitors with the unique ability to add photographs, panoramas AND move furniture around!

Now, as we approach the end of the year, DragonFly 360 imaging is proud to offer you a Video Channel for your website. This very inexpensive service will allow you to have professionally produced, high quality videos with fresh industry relevant content directly on your Website automatically updated every month! These entertaining and informative videos will keep clients coming back to your site, increasing website optimization, building powerful links to your site and reducing bounce rate.

This, along with all the all of the tools provided by DragonFly 360 imaging will help position you as the industry expert clients keep coming back to. As we proceed into the New Year, DragonFly 360 imaging, Your Albuquerque, NM Virtual Tour provider, will continue to bring you, industry leading, cutting-edge technology that not only enhances your listings but allows you to shine as a leading Albuquerque Realtor.

Dale Hart
DragonFly 360 Imaging
Albuquerque Virtual Tours
505 962 2207
Using the finest Virtual Tour Software!

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