What RTV providers Say About Our Marketing

“Thanks for all your kicking marketing expertise. It has really improved my rankings and put my business on the map… Type in virtual tours [town] and I’m there – BAM!… Still need to get my website up toward the top in the left. Only see the active rain blog there. Very pleased with what you have taught us. Anyway just a little success story for you. Now it is time to put the inner circle material into action and start marketing.”

“I really appreciate all the very good information and tips that are available on Real Tour Vision’s blog and on Active Rain. I have already put some of it to use. It has been hard to find time to do the actual blogging: 1) I write pieces that are too long and take me too much time; 2) Business has been brisk with tours and virtual assistance. I hope to catch up this week! Thanks for all you are doing!”

“I got a call from a major healthcare marketing firm here that wants to partner with me to do tours for the companies that they represent, like assisted living centers, nursing homes, etc. And, guess how they found me, yep, GOOGLE. So my ranking is definitely being impacted by our group.”

“Just wanted to give you a quick update. First, I love your assignments – they are very clear and are pushing me to spend more time blogging which I never really did before to any extent. One of the things I would like to get out of this at the end is self reliance. In other words, I am not sure at this point how to prioritize activities to get the most bang for the buck if you will. I am hoping your summary doc that comes at the end will help with that. You are definitely making me aware of all the things I don’t know!!! LOL”

“We are doing fine. I like active rain. I have noticed that our blogs are at the top of Google. Our website seems to come and go on Google. Maybe I need to be linking to more specific articles on our website. Having a little trouble coming up with something new to blog about each week. But, loved the webinar and we are very excited to be learning about SEO.”

Thank you all for making the RTV marketing team best in show!
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