We’re Outta Here Baby

The RTV virtual tour provider Blog is officially out of the pit…or the sandbox as google likes to call it. We are very pleased to announce that after a six month run of being kicked down to a Page Rank of 1 our new blog domain www.virtualtourprovider.com is officially on it’s feet again with a PR of 4.

As all of you already know the main reason you would take the time to submit your blogs to the RTV blog is to build strong back links on over to your site and to also bring the google bot back over to your site on a regular basis. Submitting to the RTV blog not only drives traffic to your site but it also drives the spider. It is the combination of these two entities that allows you to rank quickly and easily on literally any keyword phrase you so desire!!! Don’t believe me? Google TC Virtual Tours and see for yourself!

If you have not taken the time to submit a blog to RTV please take some time and do so now. If you’re a brand new provider it’s even worth two free credits to you. We are so confident that you will see immediate results in your SEO that you will continue to submit a blog to RTV and the other various recommended sites on a regular basis.

A big special thanks to all of you out there that keep this blog kicking and alive! Thanks for all of your contributions. It is all of your blogs are truly helping keep this monster going…and of course helping slingshot your site to higher levels at the same time.

Keep the fight!
Team RTV
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