Time – A Virtual Tour Photographers Enemy

Hello out there to all you RTV virtual tour photographers. I must tell you all that things have slowed down just a bit getting my Spokane virtual tour business off the ground. No, not because it is difficult to get this kind of a business started. We all know the amazing part that RTV corporate plays in helping you startup your business!! I’m sure that I’m not the only one making AWESOME use of all the virtual tour marketing materials and the amazing webinars that Jason and his team put out there for us. Anyone going to go to the next episode of the Formula? Setting up Shop? Anyway let me fill you in on what has delayed my startup of Digital Showcase Virtual Tour business by about three weeks…

The first slow down is the Spokane home remodeling and rental business. I have been working my tail off trying to get a rental house of mine put back together. I had what I thought was a real good tenant and they suddenly skipped out on me after a full year of paying their rent on time.

After not hearing from him for several weeks I made it over to the house and what do you think I found?? Yes you guessed it my friends. Before me was an abandoned property totally trashed. Upon entering the domicile I quickly discovered a forest growing in the basement.

After summoning over Spokane’s finest and having them clear the place out, I was able to finally get on with the usual clean-up and repairs. Thank goodness I was lucky and able to re-rent the place almost immediately. I am sure that getting to be a good landlord is going to be a work in progress for several more years yet.

So you can see it has really been a rather daunting task getting my virtual tour business off the ground with such little time. I thought I could go right in and start shooting the 360 shots just like I used too. Unfortunately that has not been the case. There is so much new virtual tour technology to absorb and master now that it has taken a little more time than I thought it was going to take originally.

I want it all set up very soon and in a state of readiness that allows me to work without limitations. Deadlines in the distant future have never worked for me, I need pressure to be productive so I have set some crazy deadlines to get this thing off and running, In the past few weeks I’ve been working out pretty much every night in the studio. I have studied up on everything “photography at Real Tour Vision” and now I have gone on to the finishing touches. I actually got all the software working and produced my very first virtual tour in Spokane!! I am very proud of it, looks to me like the exposure is just the way it should be, there is no light fall off. All and all, mastering my new Canon 50D was a breeze and I am very happy with it. This is the first virtual tour of many to come. Good night everyone out there in RTV Land!

Steve Stephens
Spokane Virtual Tours
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