RTV Partners with US Digital Media


We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with US Digital Media, a complete media solutions firm. Over the last ten years many of our virtual tour providers have been searching for the best company to meet their CD duplication and media supplies needs.

We are happy to have found a firm that is large enough to handle our entire throughput while providing the level of sales and customer support that meets our high standards. From a corporate level we are impressed with the response time and product quality from US Digital Media. It is only natural then that we would recommend US Digital Media’s products and services to our vast RTV virtual tour provider base. The RTV network can rely on US Digital Media’s proven infrastructure to streamline projects by providing Complete Media Solutions all under one roof. US Digital Media is a manufacturer and distributor of digital media storage products and services.

Some of their products that our network will enjoy include:

• CD/DVD duplication and replication
• Custom USB flash drives
• Duplication equipment
• Blank recordable media
• Media packaging
• Supplies and accessories

As so many of you already know, it is our mission here at RTV to provide you with the very best technology and partnerships to strengthen your property marketing business. Please take a moment now and visit our friends at US Digital Media . We are confident your experience with them will be as enjoyable as our has the past two years. Thanks team!

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