New Marketing Pieces From RTV

Childcare facilities are an often over looked component of today’s economy. Parents who work, typically spend a great deal of time researching and choosing the daycare facility that meets their unique needs. This type of business is a great example of a company that truly benefits from a virtual tour. As you can imagine, having potential customers stopping by during business hours not only would be disruptive to the program but could potentially be unsafe. Virtual tours for a childcare facility allow prospective families to really see the physical environment and then schedule an in person tour.

If you haven’t contacted or become familiar with your local Chamber of Commerce then you need to get going. The Chamber is a wealth of connections for a community and potentially an organization that could offer your virtual tours as a part of their membership packages. You might consider doing a free virtual tour for a community so they can see first hand how amazing they really are.

The New Angle postcard is a touch more casual and brings the idea that point and shoot cameras do not take professional photographs. It urges potential customers to use your services for all of their professional photography needs. This postcard can use the basic postcard backside.

Not Everyone is a Photographer! That really says it all. People like to think they can take a good picture and really, most likely they can when it come to family vacation pictures. When it comes to advertising or selling, there isn’t a replacement for the skills a professional photographer has. This postcard highlights what unique things you can and will do for a client. This postcard can also use the basic postcard backside.

As always, all of the RTV marketing pieces are easily customizable and typically just require you to insert your specific company information and a logo. We do recommend using Vistaprint for postcard printing and other printing needs. They seem to have fast service and extremely great rates. Take a moment to read the text though and make sure your company can deliver the services delineated. If you can’t or don’t know how to provide a service such a birds eye view shots or nighttime stills contact us and we can set you in the right direction. If you have an idea for a piece, have suggestions, or want to see something in the next few months send me an e-mail. Best wishes, Jill K. Sill Jill(at)

Thanks and have a great day!!
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