It’s Karma Baby

What goes around comes around | What happens when RTV providers support each other by Nancy Bain

We were lucky to have a couple week’s head start with the RTV TxT Connect program in Nova Scotia and Canada. Setting up the white label website was easy, add your company information and it’s ready to go.

You may remember an earlier blog when I talked about visiting a handful of Nova Scotia Realtors and showing them first hand the Text Connect product. I was surprised how this simple technology needed a hands on demonstration.

Since my initial face to face visits, I have concentrated on advertising heavily with print media and email campaigns in my market area, Nova Scotia. But, the phone just wasn’t ringing. My nightly check with google analytics revealed visitors to the site, but no one was ordering?

You may also remember that this Nova Scotia girl was introduced to RTV by a fellow provider while on a business trip to Florida in June. Dave Hall of Listing Solutions in Florida, raved about RTV and Inner Circle Marketing. I could tell he was “pumped” and his enthusiasm was contagious.

I contacted Dave who I know to be an excellent salesman (this guy could sell beach rocks) and asked him how he was making out with Text Connect. “I just sold my first two today!” he said. In retrospect, I’m not sure why I was surprised.

Dave took the time to tell me how he took advantage of the 10 free codes, had signs made up and visited offices. He offered either his virtual tour clients or the top salesman an opportunity to “try” Text Connect for 30 days. He told them they would be doing him a favor by checking out this new technology, monitoring response and getting back to him. While “out and about” and “face to face” with his clients, he made two sales.

Dave encouraged me to “get in their face”. He said “people buy from people” and told me my personality would help win them over. (Dave is also a really nice guy) He said if I was struggling with my confidence, to take a power point presentation, play it and then have a question and answer period.

I customized the powerpoint presentation made available for Text Connect at You can check it out on my other services page at And I’ve set up 5 of my free codes today with listing information I had on file from my Nova Scotia virtual tour clients. Tomorrow I’ll order my signs and by next week I’ll be knocking on doors.

When I thanked Dave for his time, compassion and expertise, he said, “No problem, another RTV provider told me how they did it and now I’m telling you”. “It’s karma baby!”

What goes around comes around. Thank you Dave. For everything.

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