The Image Gets Results

Jane Jones from Texas writes-
Wow Ben – it was a fantastic IMAGE tonight – I keep learning – thank you so much for ALL YOU DO!

QUESTION: What WB would you suggest with these new funky ECO lights?

Ben Knorr from RTV –
That is a great question Jane and thank you for coming to our show. The new eco friendly lights are really just compact florescent lights. So I would say to try using the white balance setting for florescent lights when shooting in an area where these lights are the primary light source. Now if these lights happen to be in a room where they are not the primary light source then I would set the white balance to the primary light source in the room. If you are in a room with a lot of windows and a lot of sunlight then I would set the white balance to the sun, open shade, or cloudy setting depending on the day.

Thanks again and we will see you on the next episode of The IMAGE!

Ben Knorr