The IMAGE | Cannon Rebel Xsi Training Class

Please feel free to join us for a FREE episode of “The IMAGE” this Tuesday at 7:00 Eastern. This episode will be covering a full RTV training session on the Rebel XSi.

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Canon Rebel XSi? Would you like to get an inside look at the camera RTV recommends and why we recommend this camera for producing your virtual tours?

In this RTV webinar we will be discussing the operation of and settings for the Canon Rebel XSi. This is the camera that RTV recommends and includes in our complete virtual tour software kit. You will see how to operate this camera first hand and learn its controls. Ben Knorr will also go over some photography settings that work well for this camera.

Don’t fret if you use another brand or model of camera, this webinar will cover numerous camera settings that you can begin using right away to produce amazing virtual tours!

Previous Webinars

The IMAGE webinar last month, It’s Magic 2, continued the topic of photo editing from the previous webinar. There are some great instructions in there on how to edit your photos and I have seen many providers already implementing these techniques. Check it out when you have a moment.

The IMAGE is the official photography webinar of RTV
Good luck out there!