Hot Springs Village Customers SEE Results

Challenging Designs Inc. is proud to announce “CDI’s S.E.E. Results Package”. S.E.E. stands for “Search Exposure Engine”. And that is what it you do, SEE Results. I was very excited when I attended our bi-weekly seminar online with Jason LaVanture of Real Tour Visions last night. After 2 hours packed with information and 7 pages of notes, I was ready to start putting his teaching to work. I have heard about Exposure Engines and I knew I was going to offer it, but I really wasn’t sure what it was or how I was going to accomplish it. Well, I am a total believer in Jason and RTV!!!

First he gives us a wonderful and free software to make the videos then takes us through the process – twice. Now, I know I made mistakes, but after a couple of hours figuring out the quickest way of choosing the photos, making a title page for one client (my guinea pig), and a finale’ page for my company, then going through the all the options, I was hooked! I made the video, uploaded it to YouTube, went into Postlets, etc. Well, at the end, I emailed my client the e-flyer, pdf version of the flyer, the link to YouTube and let him know it was posted to Craigslist, Google, etc. I checked the numbers on his RTV Tour and then I went to bed.

This morning, first thing, I get an email from my client telling me how much he LOVED the video and the e-flyer. So I gave it a day and this evening I checked the numbers through his report. I was bowled over! I am definitely making a “checklist” so I can do this as quickly as Jason (I can only hope).

CDI’s S.E.E.TM Results Package brought almost 20% as many hits in one night just doing the standard (with a few special tweaks) has done in 2 months! The client is thrilled, the seller will be thrilled and so are we.

Jason, thank you. You did it again. You gave me a wonderful product that can help all the Realtors here, if they come to me, of course. Everyone needs to learn how to do this. We just took a giant LEAP in our climb to be the VERY BEST Hot Springs Village virtual tour company!

Donna Haagenson
Hot Springs Virtual Tours
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