Have Camera Will Vacation

Well, a working vacation that is 🙂 . . .

Last year I took part in the RTV SEO workshop for Inner Circle marketing members. The boost in Google rank as a result of my training paid off in a big way this summer when a leading Gatlinburg TN cabin rental and real estate company called me for a quote on creating online marketing photography and virtual tours for some of their cabin owners. It’s unlikely they would have found my Middle Tennessee virtual tour company otherwise.

After some negotiations, my wife and I ended up staying four nights in a nice log cabin at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She got some much needed quiet time in a Jacuzzi and watching and reading the Twilight series, while I had the unique opportunity of photographing some awesome real estate. These properties are some of those places where I probably would never have visited were it not for being an RTV provider offering a great virtual tour marketing system.

Before the adventure was over, my wife had enough of solitude and she decided to assist me on the last couple of days of shooting. She now has a new respect for what it takes to create a good-looking virtual tour. I was also exhausted but exhilarated at the end of each day. Best of all we got to spend some time together.

In the “remember to always be prepared” department I have a story. One of the Gatlinburg cabins I photographed was basically at the highest point and farthest from the main highway as you could get on the resort. When we went in, somebody (I still say it wasn’t me!) left our vehicle’s ignition in the accessory position. You guessed it! The battery was completely dead when we started to leave. Of course we had no jumper cables, but what would we do with them if we had them?

Luckily there was life in the next cabin down the road and they called the resort security who responded quickly to our plight. I didn’t take any chances. I left the van running until we reached an auto parts store and had the battery checked out. It was of course dead, so there went some of our profits. Yes, we came home with cash even after staying four nights in a great mountain getaway and buying a new battery. That’s what I call a great business!

Since then I’ve been back to the mountains once by myself and once where we were able to bring along another couple and their kids because the cabins I was shooting were four-bedroom lodges. Talk about having a great time! Again, this great summer was brought to you by RTV.

Brett Weaver
Middle Tennessee Virtual Tours
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