Final Call For TxT Connect

Since the RTV TxT Connect officially went live with all wireless carriers in October, we have already started to see subscriptions start to roll in. I know all of the many providers that signed up were anxious to get started selling the TxT Connect promo to Realtors and although we took a little longer than expected, all systems go!

We have also made a few upgrades to the sites with the new icons, new “Try Now” bar on the homepage to enter a cell number and click send to get the demo (easier to use than the previous version), some new features within the account/listing area and if you click on the “How It Works” tab on the bottom orange bar, there is a nice illustration that can also be used as a marketing piece (here is an RTV provider site to see; We are also going to be rolling out a major upgrade shortly that will include a number of new features within the account area.

Our RTV TxT Connect promo ends shortly and although a ton of you have signed up, there is still room for the rest of you if you are now ready. Remember, at the end of the promo the price goes from the $250 annual fee and 50/50 revenue split up to $995 and 20%. Clearly, a no-brainer for anyone interested in making some excellent recurring/passive revenue! (you can all thank Jason once again for his persistence in us offering an extension of this deal!).

The sign up page is here; and look forward to seeing the rest of you join the TxT2Look/TxT Connect team!

Team TxT2Look