Establishing Virtual Tour Pricing

How should you price your virtual tours? This was discussed in our last episode of The FORMULA so we have decided to bring it up again here for you only this time we wanted to get some concrete numbers together. Some real hard evidence that goes to show when you have a good storefront and a fair pricing business will gravitate to you.

The quotes below are the results of a quick poll to some of our top virtual tour providers in the network. To qualify as a top provider they must be producing at least 500 or more virtual tours a year.

Here’s what a few of the RTV leaders had to say when asked, “How are you pricing out your virtual tours?”

“We base everything by sq.ft. (up to 25 still shots included)
Under 3000 $105.00
3000 to 5000 $115.00
Over $125.00
Beyond that – we discuss
I do have some that only like to have really nice stills – I’ll use those and charge around $65 to $70.”
-Austin TX

“$99.99. We canned our $59.99 pkg about 18 months ago… We found the clients at that level expected more and were less likely to purchase add ons. We went back to our single pkg pricing of 99.99 for 6 spins 10 stills and $15 for extra spins. Our average ticket is $135.00.”
-St Augustine, FL

“We offer our foot-in-the-door tour that comes with 25 stills for $50.00. If you want to step into one of our Full Service Tours you pay $135.00 to $150.00 depending on size of the home and amenities, double tour for $250.00. Then of course you have your add ons!”
-Virginia Beach, VA

“Our pricing starts out at $70 bucks for our very basic virtual tour. We top out at about $199 for shooting an entire home. Of course the $70 tour gets us in the door with many of the agents. Beyond the tour it’s really all about selling the add ons. Most of our add ons are 100% profit to us.”
-Nashville, TN

“I have 3 different packages. The difference is still photos also. I do a lot of that. Most realtors don’t expect to have to take any photos for the listing.
Some I do just photos and no tours. This is what I was doing when I first started and was not with RTV yet. So this all had to come together in the pricing.

Remember my prices are based on the Sq Ft of the home
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 1 0-1500 sq. ft 69.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 2 1501-2500 sq. ft. 79.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 3 2501-3500 sq. ft. 89.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 4 3501-4500 sq. ft. 99.00
Residential Photos Photos Only Pak 5 4501-5500 sq. ft. 119.00
Stills only 69.00
Tour only with front and back photo. 149.00
Tour and complete photo shoot. 208.00
We have to account for editing time too which is a $15.00 tour charge. I do run 10% off promos on full packages from time to time. This is Alaska cost off business is high.
I split 50% with my people who work for me. Any less and you will not get anybody to do it. I only have one person my son. He is part time while he is finishing college.”
-Anchorage, AK

“$99-$129 depending on distance from door.”
-Bend, OR

“Short Sale, Still Photos Only: $125
Basic Tour (6 pans, 10 stills): $150 (Photos for marketing are $25 extra)
Deluxe Tour: (up to 50 scenes): $250 (Photos for marketing are $25 extra) $30 ($15 with showcase) Floor Plans start at $250 for 3 bedroom…”
-Washington DC

“Full service starts at $69, if they send me the photos we charge $29.95, deluxe tour $115, discounted based on volume purchased in advance.”
-Corpus Christie, TX

“Basic Tour – $85 (3 scenes / 10 stills)
Standard tour – $125 (7 scenes / 25 stills)
Deluxe Tour – $155 (11 scenes / unlimited stills)
Premium Tour – $195 (15 Pans / unlimited stills / Sign Rider / Website)
Quick Photos Only (5 photos) – $40
Standard Photos (25 photos) – $55
Photos and Slideshow Tour – $75
Do it Yourself Photos and slideshow – $55″
-Tallahassee, FL

“$76.00 is where we start out tours out at. Plus anything we get for selling the add ons. The new add ons that RTV has come up with really help the bottom line. I would say when it is all said and done we get just over $100 bucks a tour…if not more.”
-Detroit, MI

“I’ve only got one package and it goes for $100. Need to get the add ons going but I’m just a one man show over here.”
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Some very interesting data indeed! All of the above RTV providers are exclusively using RTV Virtual Tour Software. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

~Team RTV
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