Become a Creative Virtual Tour Photographer

This is my latest blog entry about becoming a more creative and inventive photographer both with my Spokane virtual tour business and my personal photographs. I’ll share some of the techniques I use to boost my creativity and I’ll show you how I’ve learned to be more imaginative with my photography. It would be nice if I could help you to become a more creative and inventive virtual tour photographer too. It also would be nice if I could help someone to hone their creative approach (should you choose to accept them).

I have found that there’s no simple formula out there for creativity when on a virtual tour shoot or when taking a walk in the park. It seems to be something that is just within each and every person and it is different for each and every one of us. When trying to come up with a truly unique picture, it is important to see what’s really there as opposed to what you expect to see. I try to focus on what matters.

What’s important within the photographic frame. In other words, to focus on something is to pay attention to it. How you focus your shot as well as what it is your shooting, has a lot to do with the success or failure of that shot.

And to me, I must truly care about what I am shooting to come up with the creative juices to see a photographic project to the end. A lot of people think that photography can be done casually, but in reality (or virtual reality), the more effort you put into your work, the more you will get back. I had to look up what my old college professor had to say about focus and he says the following; “By understanding how to focus an image, you’ll clarify your compositions. Techniques for discovering and better acknowledging the true subject of your photos will help you be direct in delivering the power of your imagery. Also, by focusing on what really matters to you and your life, you’ll be able to integrate personal passion with your photography, and start on the life-long journey of discovery that true artists make.”

Wow, that says it all doesn’t it. You know, I am passionate about shooting flowers, and I probably could be happy shooting flowers for the rest of my life. Flowers aren’t the subject matter for everybody, or even the only subjects for me, but I think they’re beautiful and the possibilities for color and variety seem to be endless.

Also, there is a very different feeling between images that are completely in focus, and ones that are partially focused in order to emphasize a particular part of the flower.
Sometimes photographs are just casual, or sort of a “grab shot” in response to a situation, and that’s ok. But I think that more often than not, an image is really improved by a sense of where you might be going visually right from the start. And that is another thing you can do, pre-visualize. It becomes a skill of knowing in advance how an image will come out depending on the decisions you make in capturing the image and to “focus” on what the photo is really about.

See if you can apply some of these techniques to your local virtual tour business. Good luck out there!

Steve Stephens
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