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Jane Jones from Texas writes-
Wow Ben – it was a fantastic IMAGE tonight – I keep learning – thank you so much for ALL YOU DO!

QUESTION: What WB would you suggest with these new funky ECO lights?

Ben Knorr from RTV –
That is a great question Jane and thank you for coming to our show. The new eco friendly lights are really just compact florescent lights. So I would say to try using the white balance setting for florescent lights when shooting in an area where these lights are the primary light source. Now if these lights happen to be in a room where they are not the primary light source then I would set the white balance to the primary light source in the room. If you are in a room with a lot of windows and a lot of sunlight then I would set the white balance to the sun, open shade, or cloudy setting depending on the day.

Thanks again and we will see you on the next episode of The IMAGE!

Ben Knorr

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What goes around comes around | What happens when RTV providers support each other by Nancy Bain

We were lucky to have a couple week’s head start with the RTV TxT Connect program in Nova Scotia and Canada. Setting up the white label website was easy, add your company information and it’s ready to go.

You may remember an earlier blog when I talked about visiting a handful of Nova Scotia Realtors and showing them first hand the Text Connect product. I was surprised how this simple technology needed a hands on demonstration.

Since my initial face to face visits, I have concentrated on advertising heavily with print media and email campaigns in my market area, Nova Scotia. But, the phone just wasn’t ringing. My nightly check with google analytics revealed visitors to the site, but no one was ordering?

You may also remember that this Nova Scotia girl was introduced to RTV by a fellow provider while on a business trip to Florida in June. Dave Hall of Listing Solutions in Florida, raved about RTV and Inner Circle Marketing. I could tell he was “pumped” and his enthusiasm was contagious.

I contacted Dave who I know to be an excellent salesman (this guy could sell beach rocks) and asked him how he was making out with Text Connect. “I just sold my first two today!” he said. In retrospect, I’m not sure why I was surprised.

Dave took the time to tell me how he took advantage of the 10 free codes, had signs made up and visited offices. He offered either his virtual tour clients or the top salesman an opportunity to “try” Text Connect for 30 days. He told them they would be doing him a favor by checking out this new technology, monitoring response and getting back to him. While “out and about” and “face to face” with his clients, he made two sales.

Dave encouraged me to “get in their face”. He said “people buy from people” and told me my personality would help win them over. (Dave is also a really nice guy) He said if I was struggling with my confidence, to take a power point presentation, play it and then have a question and answer period.

I customized the powerpoint presentation made available for Text Connect at You can check it out on my other services page at And I’ve set up 5 of my free codes today with listing information I had on file from my Nova Scotia virtual tour clients. Tomorrow I’ll order my signs and by next week I’ll be knocking on doors.

When I thanked Dave for his time, compassion and expertise, he said, “No problem, another RTV provider told me how they did it and now I’m telling you”. “It’s karma baby!”

What goes around comes around. Thank you Dave. For everything.

Order your Nova Scotia virtual tour or Text Connect ( today.

Nancy Bain
Supernova Studios
Nova Scotia Tours
159 Alexandra Ave.
Bridgewater, NS
Order a Virtual Tour: 902-543-2185

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LAKE LEELANAU was known by two other names. The very first was Ke-ski-bi-ag which means in the native language Narrow Body of Water. This was because until the dam was built at Leland, it raised the water level behind it, the stream ran from the south to the north and it certainly was narrow. The original settlers planed a vineyard and farmed their acreage. When the village expanded they changed the name to Provement which stayed that way until the 1920’s when it was named Lake Leelanau that lies on their side of it.

To date, when you pull in the docks and the hoists you know the season is totally finished on Lake Leelanau. It is such a bitter sweet moment when our outdoor service gets in the cold water with their waders on and starts taking everything apart and placing them on our side lawn. The kayaks, canoes, paddles are stored upside down and all of the Lake Leelanau memories of spring and summer are just a past thought. I love looking on the Lake Leelanau open water from our large windows. At the end of October the light is fading but we always see in our minds eye Lake Leelanau’s sparkling diamond waves.

To see some of the many wonderful virtual tours of Lake Leelanau Homes please be sure to check out my virtual tour gallery. As the most tech savvy real estate agent in Leelanau County you can rest assured that you will receive an interactive 360 virtual tour on every home that you decide to list and sell with me. Call me today and I will make your “Life on Lake Leelanau” dreams come true!

Judy Levin, e-Pro Realtor
Leelanau County Specialist
Leelanau Homes For Sale

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This is my latest blog entry about becoming a more creative and inventive photographer both with my Spokane virtual tour business and my personal photographs. I’ll share some of the techniques I use to boost my creativity and I’ll show you how I’ve learned to be more imaginative with my photography. It would be nice if I could help you to become a more creative and inventive virtual tour photographer too. It also would be nice if I could help someone to hone their creative approach (should you choose to accept them).

I have found that there’s no simple formula out there for creativity when on a virtual tour shoot or when taking a walk in the park. It seems to be something that is just within each and every person and it is different for each and every one of us. When trying to come up with a truly unique picture, it is important to see what’s really there as opposed to what you expect to see. I try to focus on what matters.

What’s important within the photographic frame. In other words, to focus on something is to pay attention to it. How you focus your shot as well as what it is your shooting, has a lot to do with the success or failure of that shot.

And to me, I must truly care about what I am shooting to come up with the creative juices to see a photographic project to the end. A lot of people think that photography can be done casually, but in reality (or virtual reality), the more effort you put into your work, the more you will get back. I had to look up what my old college professor had to say about focus and he says the following; “By understanding how to focus an image, you’ll clarify your compositions. Techniques for discovering and better acknowledging the true subject of your photos will help you be direct in delivering the power of your imagery. Also, by focusing on what really matters to you and your life, you’ll be able to integrate personal passion with your photography, and start on the life-long journey of discovery that true artists make.”

Wow, that says it all doesn’t it. You know, I am passionate about shooting flowers, and I probably could be happy shooting flowers for the rest of my life. Flowers aren’t the subject matter for everybody, or even the only subjects for me, but I think they’re beautiful and the possibilities for color and variety seem to be endless.

Also, there is a very different feeling between images that are completely in focus, and ones that are partially focused in order to emphasize a particular part of the flower.
Sometimes photographs are just casual, or sort of a “grab shot” in response to a situation, and that’s ok. But I think that more often than not, an image is really improved by a sense of where you might be going visually right from the start. And that is another thing you can do, pre-visualize. It becomes a skill of knowing in advance how an image will come out depending on the decisions you make in capturing the image and to “focus” on what the photo is really about.

See if you can apply some of these techniques to your local virtual tour business. Good luck out there!

Steve Stephens
Spokane Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 509 868-4043

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We now have lived in our new community nearly 8 months, moving from Northern Illinois to Corinth in NE Mississippi. Up North snow is predicted this week, here our outside flowers are still in bloom.

We have continued to “cold-call” to initiate new business relationships.
We attend all Chamber activities and continually meet new people, providing new networking channels. Recently we did a virtual tour of a commercial building for the Alliance (our Chamber of Commerce). Our Chamber actively promotes the sale of existing commercial properties. This property can be seen at
It will soon be listed at a commercial property site, and will stand apart from other properties because it has a tour.

Before moving here, we had no idea we were going to live so close to several large resort communities–Muscle Shoals, AL., and Pickwick Lake, TN. After repeated visits to several Realtors/property managers at Pickwick Dam, TN., we landed our first agency The arrangement has proven beneficial to us on various levels. Finally we can showcase our work in the local market! These weekend homes are quaint and beautiful, with lakefront acreage or situated on coves. One of those homes can be seen at Corinth Home Tour

Next week we will be meeting with a Corinth, MS Realtor. (It took 4 call-backs to finally get this promising appointment.) I guess my advise is stay the course with your cold-calling; soon they will be calling you!

Hugh Jordan
Corinth Virtual Tours
Corinth, MS
Order a virtual tour today! 662-664-0965

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