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As many of you who are seasoned virtual tour providers with RTV already know, the RTV tour track system dolls out hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to its loyal virtual tour providers. Anyone that is a part of the RTV network can simply email our Tour Track team a set of architectural images via photo bucket, RTV will grade your images and from that point on you will instantly qualify for one of our many national accounts that provide us with steady work every month.

Because RTV has built up the World’s Largest virtual tour and professional photography network many companies come to us each month asking for bids and quotes to satisfy their unique photography needs. From restaurants to hotels to luxury yachts, RTV has enough national accounts to keep their providers busy year round! Below is a nice testimonial from a brand new RTV provider after he received his “Welcome to Tour Track” email. Enjoy!!

Dear RTV,

“Thank you for your introduction. Since joining the RTV network I have been impressed seeing the communication skills and depth of the RTV team. I am looking forward to working with your team as I get up to speed on creating virtual tours.

While I am new to creating virtual tours, my experience in architectural still photography is seasoned. For the last 7 years I’ve been shooting real estate and portfolios for architects, builders, stagers, and interior designers. You can find a gallery of my architecture work here.

Recently some of my Realtor clients began requesting virtual tours in addition to the stills (they were actually booking OBEO for the tours and then throwing out their stills!). Realizing the need to expand my product portfolio, I began researching solutions to provide virtual tours. I’m very pleased to have discovered RTV. While I had opportunities to partner with OBEO and TourFactory, I’m continually impressed with the resources, skill, and professionalism I’m encountering with the RTV team.

I have much experience shooting small jobs with available light to multi-million dollar homes and commercial properties that require elaborately lit scenes. I utilize professional camera equipment and a variety of continuous light and remote strobes as dictated by the job quality requirements and rate.

In the meanwhile, I will be familiarizing myself with the Tour Track Forum and getting the virtual tour creation process honed in.”

Best regards,

It’s great compliments like this that keep our company going as strong as it is! Thanks for the feedback Rob!

RTV Tour Track Team
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