Virtual Tour CD Marketing

Handing out a Flyer is great; but handing out a virtual tour on a disc that also contains that flyer and other promotional material can really make a positive impression. Like standard promotional material, these multimedia discs could be left on a counter at an open house or fill the brochure box of a real estate sign post. Experiment and come up an offering that works for you.

To get started, it is important to note that downloaded tours are representative of the Classic viewer only, and as such, Affiliate logos will not display properly. So, before starting to build the disc, be sure to remove any Affiliates attached to the tour. Then assuming the tour contains no Affiliates, is not a Practice Tour, and is published, follow the steps below.

1. View the tour using one of the public links from the tour’s Deliverables page. Tours viewed from inside TMS are not downloadable.

2. Click Share Tour>Download Tour and in the next window click “Click here to Download virtual tour to your computer”.

3. Downloaded tours will not be downloaded with any audio you may have added in TMS. However, if you wish to add audio to the downloaded tour, an Audio Wrapper is available to Inner Circle members only on the marketing Resources page and should be used at this point.

4. Using whatever program you prefer, burn the downloaded tour to disc.

5. A nice feature to add to the disc is to make the tour play automatically when inserted into a PC. To do this you will need to create an autorun file and burn it to the disc as well. Directions on how to make an autorun file can be found by clicking HERE. However, an easier way to do this and is to download and use a program called Autorun Max!

6. At this point you could add a flyer, a Power Point, and just about any other creative marketing materials you can think of. Using Autorun Max! can help you make professional autorun menus.

And that’s it! Of course if you want to get even more creative you could use business card CDs and interesting labels. You could even add Hot Spots to the tour that link to your company website or even other tours. How far you take it is up to you.