SuperNova Studios Now Offering Real Estate Virtual Tours

Supernova Studios Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Company Launched Today!

Blood, sweat, and yes…. tears (the blood was from a paper cut). Supernova Studios was launched to south shore, Nova Scotia clients today. 146 real estate agents received an email package this morning from a company they have known for the past 12 years as Taylor Design Inc.

Accustomed to a certain standard of excellence the package had to be perfect. I kept the introductory letter brief, attached a couple of flyers (one for the virtual tours and one for the RTV TxT Connect program) and pointed them to both of my websites: and

This was a strategic move. I want my customers in the habit of getting their questions answered at my website. This is why I spent hours developing it, AND it will allow me more time on the road shooting virtual tours.

I followed up a couple of hours later with a personal visit to each of the 16 brokerages. It was delivery day for the monthly magazine Real Estate on Nova Scotia’s South Shore which I produce for them. (ps – I had included 5 pages in the magazine advertising Supernova Studios, virtual tours & TxT Connect)

Other than my sexy new business cards I brought one thing. My cell phone. Real Estate professionals are busy. I knew I could only keep their attention for a few minutes.”Got a cell phone” I asked? “I want to show you something”. Every single one of them reached in their pocket.

“Okay. Let’s send a text message.” Most of them looked at me “deer in the headlights” look on their face. They didn’t know how. They are carrying smart phones and don’t know how to use them. Smiling I tell them that last year cell phones were not allowed in my daughter’s school. This year, recognizing that text messaging is the preferred means of communication amongst teens and adults between 40-50 (and it’s not going away) they relented to “the times”. It’s inevitable.

Using my cell phone I show them how to receive listing information just by entering two short codes. The “deer in the headlights” look changed to dollar signs in an instant. They “got” it.

Do NOT underestimate how a quick visit and hands on instruction can make a difference. This kind of technology is new to my clients. They need their (cell) hand held a little. You see; they want to “keep up” (that’s why they’re carrying those phones) they just may need you to show them how.

Virtual tour technology speaks for itself. The feature tour on my home page at supernovastudios has already received 110 truly unique visitors! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual tour is worth a million.

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