The IMAGE | It’s Magic Part 2

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Because we had such an overwhelmingly positive response to our previous show, we are going to continue exploring picture editing skills. In this next IMAGE webinar, It’s Magic Part 2, I will be showing you more ways to edit your pictures to fix errors and make them look like the pros. Join me as we continue the magic of image editing here on the IMAGE.

Previous Webinar:
The webinar attendance last week was amazing and we want to thank all of you for your e-mail feedback. Sorry to those of you who were not able to attend. Due to technical difficulties we were unable to record the webinar. Don’t worry though; we plan to recreate the webinar and record all that we covered. Soon enough we will have a recorded version of this webinar, and it will be posted to the IMAGE archive page on the RPM Marketing website, just like all of the other IMAGE webinar recordings.

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