Weatherford Virtual Tours on Twitter

Dear RTV,

First I want to thank you for providing these webinars awesome extended education weekly webinars to us. They are extremely helpful, especially, for new RTV providers like I am.

I have not yet gotten on the “Twitter” bandwagon, but it seems I’ve been missing quite a bit, especially as it pertains to my business. This particular Twitter Queens webinar has provided me information on how to increase my business through the Twitter social network machine. There was a lot of information presented. Actually, too much for me to digest, so I’m so glad that RTV records these for future reference and we were also provided a link to some guidelines from the guest speakers Jodi and Michelle.

One of the main ingredients of having Twitter work for my Weatherford Virtual Tour business is to provide information from other sites. It works similarly to the BNI that I’m involved in. In other words, I should focus on helping other people much more than focusing on having them help me.

The first order of business for me now is to establish a twitter account. After I do that I will proceed to read the guide and begin to set up the different ingredients that will help me create a twitter page that will allow me to twitter correctly without taking too much of my time.

Again, I appreciate the presenters and Jason for bringing these tips to my attention. I still have to research and find out what RSS

feed is all about and look back at the other webinars to find out about Google bars and more. So much to learn, so little time…

Sue Coleman
Flash Fire Interactive
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