RTV Setup on Lens Questions

Dear Setup,

I have that super wide angle lens (12-24 MM) being delivered Friday.
If I want to use it for 360’s of smaller areas do I need to have it calibrated to my camera as I had to do when I became a provider? Or do you not recommend it for 360’s? Could it be too wide?

Dear Tour Builder,

That is a good question. I use that same lens on my Canon Rebel XSi for 360° panoramas because it allows me to see more of the ceiling and floor in a standard room and it allows me to shoot a full panorama in a smaller room and still see some of the ceiling and the floor. The lens should work just fine on your camera as well for the 360° pans since your camera is very similar to mine. Of course the final result is always subject to your opinion. Remember to adjust your camera to the proper placement on the rotator for you new lens and make sure to select the correct camera and lens combination in the software for stitching the pictures from your new lens. To select the proper lens for stitching you will need to click on the setup button in the Tour Builder software and click on ‘Get current lensfiles from the web’ to update your camera list. After the update has finished click on the setup button again and click ‘Set default camera’. The camera list will open and you will click your camera to select it and then click the done button below. This will set your camera as the default camera for stitching.


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