Kudos to Team RTV

Dear RTV,

I just had a great training session yesterday, specific to TourBuilder, thanks to your veteran trainer, John. Also took his advice –and that of my new provider facilitator, Mike Thompson- to get out there, shoot a bunch of practice spins. Bottom-line: Get tuned-in on the imaging side, and get damn good on the software side!

As you, and your team, have built an in-depth archive of super provider resources, I continue to discover more ideas and strategies every day that can help me grow my business quickly…and profitably.

Your subject matter experts, such as Mike, Ben, Jacquie and John, have been of significant help in providing support, sage advice and success strategies. All with be of real value as I ramp-up my new Chicago virtual tour business and get my website tuned-up to be as effective as possible, as both a tool and a credential.

The “WOW!” Factor, though, is clearly on your side of the house, based on RTV’s decade of development and product & service suite refinements. Hey, as I see it, I’ve now literally MADE IT MY JOB to take advantage of everything that’s made RTV The Global Big Dawg in V/Tours.

(And how cool is that?!)
But back to building my virtual tour business time, now. I’ll look forward to attending every “IMAGE” webinar, and accessing every other RTV resource possible, going forward. Glad to be a part of your provider Team, here in Chicagoland.


Alan Ellis
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