Kohala Coast Virtual Tours

Reporting here from the Sunny Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take notes folks because virtual tour business has been booming this summer! The state of our currently distressed economy hasn’t really slowed us down…if anything, it’s created a wealth of opportunity.

With more and more sellers competing for the attention of buyers, it’s become extremely important to utilize every marketing tool available…especially those that are online. Yes, some will claim that they ‘just can’t afford it’, but as we educate them more on the value of our Kohala Coast virtual tours, they come to realize…they really ‘can’t afford not to’.

No matter what the economy, visual marketing via the internet is here to stay and those that aren’t utilizing this technology to its fullest are drowning in the virtual flood. In Fact, I’ve had numerous clients report an instant increase in real estate showings as a direct result of using our virtual tours. One agent even reported a super short ‘eight days to accepted contract’. Get that? In this economy??? This home had been on the market for months and months prior! So as they say, ‘The proof is in the puddin’… So be sure to get those testimonials for your web site. These things sell themselves!

Me Ke Aloha…

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Kohala Coast Virtual Tours
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