Kawarthas Lakes Virtual Tours Now Available

This world of Blogs, Tweets, Facebook and the list goes on, is difficult to keep up with for a person well over retirement age that refuses to retire. During my last winter stay in Florida I decided to find the best Virtual Tour Company in the World.

As a real estate agent that sells mainly waterfront properties in the Kawarthas Lakes of Ontario Canada I was fed up with the disappointing tours that I was paying for. RTV consistently came out on top in my searching and I made my contact to start producing tours in-house for our Kawarthas Lakes real estate listings.

My son that is university educated thought I was crazy to take this on at my age and did not think I would be able to catch on. I was impressed with the patience shown by the RTV trainer and was pleased to report to my son that I had no problems putting together a worthy virtual tour after a very short training period. I received lots of assistance from the professional staff of RTV along the way too which really helped me grasp things.

Virtual Tours are now a mainstay of our current advertising and listing presentations and has helped us sign up a few listings that we could have lost out to our competition. We are receiving a great deal of interest and hits from all of our tours and this has encouraged a lot more client activity to our web site www.KawarthaLife.com

As a result of the great extended RTV training classes they offer three times each month I am now provide my clients with HDR photos in our virtual tours. They also make a great closing gift for our buyers enlarged in a quality frame.

After doing virtual tours on my own listings for a bit I contacted RTV to see if my area was still open so I could actually start offering the RTV product in my area as a virtual tour service. I’m very proud to say that as of about a month ago I am now a full service provider for RTV. We will also be training one of our staff to complete tours for other real estate companies and a variety of other local commercial firms.

There is no end of new ways to improve your business whether it is real estate sales or providing virtual tours. Every time I log into realtourvision there is another idea for me to research.
I know this winter I will be spending a lot more time following the RTV blogs to improve my real estate web site and new virtual tour business.

Keep up the good work RTV.
Yours truly V.I.P. Realty Tours (Vivid Image Photos)
Ken Hale Sr.
Kawarthas Lakes Virtual Tours
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