Hi Ben,

You probably may not remember me, but I’m the Manchester Virtual Tour guy who used to call you from almost every day when I first joined up with RTV a few years back. You were extremely helpful and patient with me and I greatly appreciated it then and now. I am still learning which I guess is a good sign for any virtual tour photographer. And I know I have a lot more to learn.

Great and I mean great job on tonight’s IMAGE webinar. I already emailed Pat to order the NX2 product.

A few items;

A. Did I say great job on the It’s Magic IMAGE webinar?
B. My bogen leveler head is one of the older units and the release button has snapped off. Not sure if that matters or not. How do I release it to get my RTV Rotator off my tripod?
C. On the last seminar I remember you mentioning that the Cannon Rebel was a good camera. I currently use a Nikon D50 with an 18-55mm lens. I am considering a second camera. I do not know if I should stay with Nikon or go with another brand. Not looking to spend big $$ (what else is new). And also a decent wide angle lens
D. Again great job on the “It’s Magic IMAGE seminar!!! I have about 5 pages of notes.

Anyway, thanks again and your wonderful support and help there at RTV is greatly appreciated.

Thank again

David Wolf

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