The Creation of Heartland Property Tours

When I started to look for a house in the fall of 2007 I turned to the internet. As my wife and I started our search we soon realized that the real estate listings in our area did not provide many pictures and the ones that had pictures were still not very good and didn’t depict the house very well. We found that after looking online we still had to do several viewings in person because the listings didn’t show what we wanted to see. At this time I realized that something needed to change.

As my search continued into surrounding areas I soon realized that some agents were using “Virtual Tours”. I was new to this term “Virtual Tours” and soon realized that the term is widely used to describe anything from a slide show of pictures to a video walk-through to a fully interactive tour with still images, panoramic images, and all the information you could ever want. The last type of virtual tour mentioned is just what I was looking for and what I would like to see when I buy a house.

My search deepened and I found out that this type of tour was offered by Real Tour Vision. After spending time on the RTV website I soon realized that this is something that I could do in my area and contacted RTV. They advised that my area was not available and stated they would put me on a waiting list in case something opened up. Well a few months ago I checked in with RTV and what do you know, they had an opening!!

I ordered my virtual tour business package from RTV and was soon off and running. My company, Heartland Property Tours, services East Central Illinois, including but not limited to Iroquois, Ford, and Kankakee Counties. We provide interactive virtual tours, property marketing, and professional photography for Real Estate, Business Owners, and anyone looking to enhance their website. I have started my marketing and will hopefully soon find my first client. In the mean time I am honing by photography skills and working on sample tours for my new website. I am pleased to offer this new service in my area as I know I can not be the only one who realizes something is missing with the listings few pictures and no information.

Michael Robinson
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