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Hi Ben,

You probably may not remember me, but I’m the Manchester Virtual Tour guy who used to call you from almost every day when I first joined up with RTV a few years back. You were extremely helpful and patient with me and I greatly appreciated it then and now. I am still learning which I guess is a good sign for any virtual tour photographer. And I know I have a lot more to learn.

Great and I mean great job on tonight’s IMAGE webinar. I already emailed Pat to order the NX2 product.

A few items;

A. Did I say great job on the It’s Magic IMAGE webinar?
B. My bogen leveler head is one of the older units and the release button has snapped off. Not sure if that matters or not. How do I release it to get my RTV Rotator off my tripod?
C. On the last seminar I remember you mentioning that the Cannon Rebel was a good camera. I currently use a Nikon D50 with an 18-55mm lens. I am considering a second camera. I do not know if I should stay with Nikon or go with another brand. Not looking to spend big $$ (what else is new). And also a decent wide angle lens
D. Again great job on the “It’s Magic IMAGE seminar!!! I have about 5 pages of notes.

Anyway, thanks again and your wonderful support and help there at RTV is greatly appreciated.

Thank again

David Wolf

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Dear RTV,

I just wanted to express how much your virtual tour support means to me. It is uncommon today to be able to pick up the phone and have what appears to be a major problem immediately identified and solved. Your team did exactly that for me today and I wanted to let you know how much help your support was.

I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support in helping me build up my virtual tour business


Alan Fon
Corpus Christi Virtual Tours
Island Digital Images, LLC
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Dear RTV, I just wanted to say thank you for the Webinar on Back to the Basics on photography. I did pick up on a few hints. The one I remember most is about the White Balance. Hopefully after learning this on my new camera, my stills of Laundry Rooms etc will come out much clearer.

As one of your new providers (May 12, first live tour) I have been getting work from about 5 different real estate agents in the Mesquite NV area. I have done a couple of tours for a real estate agent voted #1 in Mesquite, NV. I believe that I will be doing more. I would also like you to know that Rob Lenthe has been a great mentor. With the depressed housing market that it is in southern Nevada I feel fortunate that my business is picking up.

And this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Cher Lee
Mesquite Virtual Tour
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Hello. My name is Glenn Sarlitto. I’m a Wisconsin state certified
residential real estate appraiser servicing the Metro Milwaukee & SE
Wisconsin areas. I have been appraising real estate here in Wisconsin
for about 20 years. As owner of ValSpec Appraisal Services, a real
estate appraisal company located in Milwaukee, WI, I am proud to
announce that ValSpec Appraisal Services is officially changing its
name to ValSpec Appraisal & Marketing Services after a recent
partnering with RealTourVision, a worldwide leading provider of virtual
tours and internet marketing distribution.

With this partnership, ValSpec Appraisal & Marketing Services will be
providing products & solutions for both value determination and
marketing strategies for real estate properties & businesses in the
Metro Milwaukee & SE Wisconsin areas.

There is no doubt that my decision to expand my company’s services by
entering into the virtual tour industry & internet real estate
marketing with partnering with RealTourVision has been the right one.
After a rather lengthy and extensive search trying to find the right
company that not only provided a marketable product, but also provided
the needed support to operate a successful virtual tour company, I
found that RealTourVision was the one & only choice that could possibly
be made.

My first impression began with my initial contact with Jason LaVanture
to discuss what RealTourVision had to offer. Even before we ended that
phone conversation, I was receiving pertinent info via e-mail regarding
the virtual tour industry and how to be a successful virtual tour
provider. I had contacted a handful number of virtual tour providers
prior to RealTourVision. It took them from two to four weeks to return
my calls & e-mails and never received any form of communication from
one of them. Like I posted before, RealTourVision was simply the one &
only choice that could possibly be made.

Thanks RTV

Glenn Sarlitto
Valspec Appraisals & Marketing
Order a Virtual Tour: 414-962-5454

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Reporting here from the Sunny Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take notes folks because virtual tour business has been booming this summer! The state of our currently distressed economy hasn’t really slowed us down…if anything, it’s created a wealth of opportunity.

With more and more sellers competing for the attention of buyers, it’s become extremely important to utilize every marketing tool available…especially those that are online. Yes, some will claim that they ‘just can’t afford it’, but as we educate them more on the value of our Kohala Coast virtual tours, they come to realize…they really ‘can’t afford not to’.

No matter what the economy, visual marketing via the internet is here to stay and those that aren’t utilizing this technology to its fullest are drowning in the virtual flood. In Fact, I’ve had numerous clients report an instant increase in real estate showings as a direct result of using our virtual tours. One agent even reported a super short ‘eight days to accepted contract’. Get that? In this economy??? This home had been on the market for months and months prior! So as they say, ‘The proof is in the puddin’… So be sure to get those testimonials for your web site. These things sell themselves!

Me Ke Aloha…

Debrasue Stutts
Vizit360 Photography
Kohala Coast Virtual Tours
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