The Twitter Queens Are a Hit

Dear RTV and Twitter Queens:

I attended the Webinar with the Twitter Queens, and I think that might stick. 5 Min. after the meeting I went and signed up my Twitter account and starting posting. I didn’t know how to use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Now I know how to use Twitter very well. I can see how you might be able to get a client or 2 from Twitter.

A question that I would have is why would people from Twitter follow me? Is it just because I post news my 360 virtual tours of the area or virtual tour industry news? I also have seen the Twitter Queens posting news throughout all of the day. I could post but I really don’t have as much time as them to keep on posting the way they do. However the webinar did teach me something new that I really needed to learn and have been putting off.

Overall I am really happy that I attended the Twitter Queens Webinar. I will keep on posting news on Twitter and posting my Parma Virtual Tours and see if this will help my business grow.

Thank You
Frank A Novak