A Shout From Tehachapi

I started my Tehachapi virtual tour business about 4 years ago and have had a blast ever since. Even thought the economy is tanked, there are many various opportunities for the utilization of virtual tours. Real Estate is only one.

The price of your homes fits into a great market for VT’s. Keep in mind, with a virtual tour business you are only limited by your energy and creativity. The ROI is really rather rapid.

Your relationships with real estate agents and the local association is what really keeps things going. The tours will get you started. Don’t hesitate to give a few away in the beginning as they will sell themselves after that. Also, make sure you visit the offices and talk with the agents OFTEN! That is when I seem to get my orders. (out of sight out of mind).

As far as how much can be made. Well that really depends on your market and how creative you are. The team at RTV is one of the best I have worked with. They have always been there for support, and if you can catch a couple of Jason’s ideas you are bound to be successful.

David Shaw
Tehachapi Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 661-333-4156