Hello to Nova Scotia Virtual Tours

I have been a service provider for real estate brokerages for over 10 years providing print media, delivered door to door within their market areas biweekly. This has always been a successful venture and my business grew 20% per year EVERY year I was in business. Until last year.

Last year all brokerages drastically cut their print advertising, directly affecting my “bottom line” by a whopping 30%. These brokerages were not spending less money on advertising, they were advertising MORE online and less in print. It was time I take measures to keep up with their forward thinking.

Savvy brokerages knew that over 80% of consumers were researching and finding their homes online.

I began research into online marketing solutions for my clients and was attending training for CMS software in Florida when I met an RTV provider. He raved about Jason LaVanture and Real Tour Vision and was successfully running his own virtual tour business. Meeting that RTV provider was the highlight of my trip. I knew I had stumbled across something VERY big.

Just a few clicks (back in Nova Scotia) and I was corresponding with Real Tour Vision within minutes! Literally. That was my first impression of their company. One little query and the phone rang within 5 minutes. Impressive!

Real Tour Vision is not just about virtual tours. Although, they do offer the “sexiest” virtual tours out there. Not to mention their software is so user friendly my 16 year old can’t wait to use it! Real Tour Vision does all my homework for me and keeps me informed of all the latest trends in social media; how to make it work for me (and my clients). Prior to Inner Circle Marketing, I spent hours browsing various sites trying to stay abreast of current trends. Real Tour Vision takes care of that for me now.

Real Tour Vision also saved me time with their ready to go web templates. I simply enter my company info, choose my layout and colors… and bang! – a website to market my tours – ready to go. How convenient and fast, a no brainer!

Real Tour Vision has also recently announced text connect. It is this type of genius that keeps me awake at night with dollar signs in my eyes. I know I can leave the leg work of finding the most effective marketing tools for my clients to Real Tour Vision, and simply follow their lead.

Being a part of the Real Tour Vision team and family has it’s advantages as Tour Track can provide leads and jobs in your area. Not to mention that Real Tour Vision takes care of it’s own. And this by far is what has “blown me away” about this company.

Recently a prospective customer approached RTV to begin a providership within an hour of my business and market area. I was immediately called by RTV to discuss it. What I did not expect was that they were calling to let me know that he had already turned down this prospective customer! This knocked my socks off! That kind of support is just about unheard of. Real Tour Vision looked out for my best interests, when they could have made a sale. Not only did they turn him down, but they gave him my contact information to provide his tours.

I have yet to make my first Nova Scotia virtual tour. Training starts on Monday, but already I belong to a family who believes in me, supports me, and knows me by name.

I am proud to say that I am the first RTV provider in Nova Scotia.

Joining RTV is the best decision I have made in a very long time. 10 years.

Thank you RTV!

Nancy Bain
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Home Tours
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