Facebook – Friend or Foe?

I was reading my daily news sent to my iphone from our local News station and the headline hit me hard like a ton of bricks dropping on my head. “Pasadena photographer claims he was wrongly booted off Facebook”, www.khou.com.

As I was reading this story, I thought of my Houston Virtual Tour business and how I was using facebook. Are we creating a fan page to submit links about our virtual tours or are we just submitting them in our own account? I took a look at the terms and really couldn’t see a defining answer to the questions I had.

As a photographer in Houston, Texas, facebook is a great tool to use to showcase your work to your friends and family and you would want them to pass your name along to their friends and family for future jobs. Social Networking is blowing up all over the nation and with that the potential to reach millions of people are endless.

Being a Virtual Tour provider for Realtors®, posting your virtual tours to Facebook is a great tool to showcase homes for sale in the area. More and more Realtors® are also using Facebook for the purpose of showcasing their listings to their clients and others Realtors® that they have befriended.

Just remember to reach the fine print when signing up for new social networking sites! At Lenee’ Photography we strive to keep compliant with all terms of use to avoid what happened to this photographer in Pasadena.

Mike Stolte
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