Alamo Tours On SEO

As a hopeful SEO candidate to get my website on the first page or even within the first 10 sites on a search, I have been working and studying how, what and when to make changes or not to make changes for that matter. The free RTV SEO course you gave me as a virtual tour provider made me aware of the need to be diligent and persevere in becoming noticed by the bot crawlers.

Having said that, I can say that within, what, five months, I am either on page two or three of google, yahoo, dogpile and bing. However and it is interesting that each engine seems to crawl at a different algorithm. On one engine, I am found under L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found as AlamoAreaVirtualTours, but not L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found using the search ‘San Antonio Virtual Tours‘, which leads to my local virtual tour provider website.

On another it links to benefits: On that one I am number four on Google. I am also showing up with Active Rain as having a blog concerning ‘San Antonio Housing’. What am I saying? Not only that the search engines seem to have different systems, but that 1) If I can follow the RTV SEO guide, anybody can! and 2) Review and do searches for all the search engines to see where you are. I am a neophyte at this but I will continue as it is a challenge to me. I have a question of you all; Does it do any good to have more than one domain? If so would they all link or direct to the first domain or just link to the website? (Told you I’m a neophyte)

Thanks in advance for hints and or downright criticisms if need be. To check out more ideas and blogs go to Rem* Life’s a Complexity of Simplicities

James Hoback
San Antonio Virtual Tours