Dear Judy,

Real Tour Vision gave me your contact information as a reference to their virtual tour business opportunity. I am considering starting a Virtual Tour Company with the RTV system. My market would be Metro-West Boston, MA. A rural area with home prices ranging from $450k-$950k+. Obviously the economy and the housing market have taken a beating, but I still think there is opportunity and a need for RTV services. I would appreciate any words of wisdom or any concerns you have as I pursue this venture. Is this a viable business? How much money can realistically be made in a week/month/year? What has been your experience with RTV?

Thanks in advance for any information you can share.


Let’s start with the economy . . .

My business really picked up when the economy slowed. During these times, realtors have to “pull out all the stops” to sell the listing — even just to keep the listing long enough for it to sell. In addition, sellers are internet-savvy and more and more are insisting their realtor put on a virtual tour or they’ll go with an one who will. The recent NAR reports that 80% request a virtual tour these days! Yea!!!

I started with RealTourVision 2 years ago this spring. I bought the 200 tour package because I knew I would use them eventually. I was buying my second 200 tour package in about 8 months. I think I’ve bought a couple more 200 pkgs since then, not sure how many exactly. The tours were, and are, very well received by realtors because they are THAT MUCH BETTER than the competition.

When I was looking for a company to go with, I went online looking for a quality product. RTV had what I wanted and so much more. I never expected their support to be so awesome! Believe me, in the beginning I was calling “support” every day, several times a day for help. I’m sure they thought I would never last but I was determined to learn the system and do the type of quality tours I knew I could. The learning process took about 2 weeks.

Probably what impresses me the most is their loyalty. I can’t count the times that RTV has turned away interested people who wanted to start RTV providerships in my area. RTV would even call me if the person was wanting to start a providership anywhere in Missouri or Arkansas to make sure it wouldn’t be infringing on my territory.

I think the “loyalty” issue is one of the things I most respect and appreciate about RTV. I was a provider for another tour company that did not show me that kind of loyalty which is the reason I went “shopping” for another company in the first place (and took all my tours and clients with me!)

Getting started . . .I started part-time basically. I had one “big-hitter” realtor and I was doing all of her virtual tours on her high-end listings. Other agents would see her tours and want tours just like “Ethel’s”. It just built from there. I now have several “big-hitters” and lots of “little-hitters” and full-time work. In fact, my husband also helps with the photography and my daughter-in-law helps with the stitching. It may start out a little slow, Jim, but it will snowball if you hang in there.

In my market here in southwest Missouri, I have to be competitive with my pricing. I only charge $75 for a basic tour, so, after the $10 I pay RTV for the tour credit, I net $65 per tour. I’m doing roughly 10-15 per week, so netting $650 to $975 per week. In your market, you’ll probably have no problem netting $90-100 per tour (maybe more).

Our selling season slows down considerably from November–January, then it takes off again. At that time I’m lucky to have 2 tours a week. Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions. I wouldn’t hesitate too long though. You definitely want to grab your territory while its available. Going with RTV was the best decision I could have ever made!

Sharon Wasson
Springfield Virtual Tours