Slow Market Yeilds BOOM For VT Business

Is this slow down in the Real Estate Market a Plus for Virtual Tour Providers?

I was worried when the Real Estate Market took some hits this year, what with everyone worried about what the economy would do. My fears seem to have been unfounded. I am busier than ever, (when it isn’t raining in Eastern Pennsylvania). My customers are referring me more and more, as other agents are asking them what they are doing to sell there listings. I find that not only are agents looking for Virtual Tours on the “High End” properties, but even on duplexes, and Condos, and other properties that we may not have expected to see VT of. This just goes to show that every home should and will benefit from a virtual tour and online distribution.

I have received virtual tour orders for from agents that when I approached them initially, they said they didn’t believe Tours really helped sell homes. Well I am here to tell you that Yes! Virtual Tours (shameless plug) do help sell homes. I have lost count of the number of times I have been told that someone saw a Virtual Tour of a listing on line, and called to see the home and put an offer on it. Recently an agent called to order a tour and told me that a house I had just done a tour on had sold on the first showing; the buyers saw the listing on line and looked at the tour and the rest is, as they say, History.

This same agent when I did the first tour for him a year or so ago, had clients from out of State who saw the tour on line and said that would be the first home they looked at when they came to town, and yep, you guessed it they bought that house.

So, don’t let people tell you they don’t believe in the internet or Virtual Tours as an aid in selling their listings. More and more agents are telling me their sellers are asking for Virtual Tours.
So as the Market gets more competitive, remember that Virtual Tours are a great enhancement to Realtors’ Marketing tools.

Have a Picture Perfect Day,

Mary Beth Finnerty
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