Pimp My Tour | SOLD

While Jim and I are swamped here at work this summer, we still take some time out once in awhile to think of really cool things that we can do to PIMP our virtual tours. The latest really cool thing is to continually make the best use of the agent virtual tour gallery and showcase SOLD properties as well as current listings. Over the last two years Jim and I have not been deleting virtual tours unless specifically requested by our customers. This happens every once in awhile, but for the most part all of our customers LOVE…yes LOVE showcasing SOLD properties in their virtual tour gallery.

Let’s also not forget that RTV virtual tours outrank any other virtual tour on the market due in part to our new SpiderLink™ technology. Simply put, the more tours that we have out there ranking organically in the SERPS the better that is for BlueLaVaMedia and the agent that sold the property.

To further highlight sold properties in the virtual tour galleries, Jim and I are making use of the “AFFILIATE” feature that is built into RTV virtual tours. The affiliate field allows you to select many advertisers to display on your virtual tour, only in this case we will be using a SOLD button. Like so:

If you would like to use this on your RTV tours simply save the above image to your hard drive and upload as an affiliate. It’s really that simple! Judy Levin a Traverse City real estate agent uses our virtual tour gallery on her home page here: http://www.JudyLevin.com and here is a sample tour with our new SOLD Affiliate in place:


Don’t forget that when you save a virtual tour it will automatically push that tour to the TOP of the virtual tour gallery. This happens because as pricing and tour changes occur it will be important for those virtual tours to bounce back to the top of the list.

Have fun pimping your tours!

Team BlueLaVaMedia
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