Get More Referrals

Marketing is a critical step to any virtual tour business plan. Many companies focus there marketing efforts on seeking new customers, but forget to go after the important referral. Getting referrals is easier and less expensive than marketing to new customers, and referrals are often more loyal customers. If you ask for a referral you are likely to get one. Here are some tips to help get more referrals for your business.

~When handing out your business cards, hand them an extra to give to a friend or co-worker that may your services. Do this with your brochures as well.

~After completing a job well done communicate a thank you personally or via e-mail. Say something like this: Thank you for your business, please tell your friends about us.

~When sending out mailings to your clients attach two coupons for your business, one to print for your customer and a second to print for a friend.

~Provide follow-up via several methods. Do not just send an email, Spam filters often re-route these. Send email, make follow-up calls, and send traditional greeting cards through the Mail. Many times more traditional forms of follow-up are sometimes the most effective way to connect with a client. Sending a sincere thank you note is a great way to follow-up with a customer. Do not fill your message full of advertisements, coupons, and sales offers. Share how much you value your customers business and how you will be supportive of his or her future needs. Personal contacts are a great way to keep your name in front of your customer, hence yielding more referrals.

~Offer a small incentive if possible if a client refers others. You may also ask your client if they know of any friends, co-workers or business acquaintances that would like to be sent discount coupons. Always send a thank you note when you receive a referral.

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