A Cow, 2 Chickens & a Night’s Stay for a Tour

I was wondering if any one has bartered a Virtual Tour in exchange for things, services/gift certificates? I recently was asked by my chiropractor, who is selling a family home, if I would do a virtual tour in exchange for Chiropractic care. Being self-employed and having to provide my own health insurance, which does not cover this service, I agreed. I think I got the better end of this deal. In today’s economy with every one trying to cut expenses this seems like a good idea to me.

I recently approached the owner of a local restaurant who is remodeling and planning a great big new opening, and discussed the need for him to have a Virtual Tour on his new website of the brand new interior and exterior of his business. He grumbled about the cost of remodeling and all the new advertising he was doing. So, I suggested a lower price but with some gift certificates to the Restaurant, he was very interested. I have an appointment to shoot the tour as soon as the renovations are complete. I have also considered using this technique with several other new eateries in my area, as well as some of the Golf and Country Clubs and even a few new Health Centers that are opening around the area.

I am wondering if any one else has done this, and if it was successful. I have considered using the gift certificates as incentives to my Clients for pre-purchasing tour packs, or as a thank you for their referrals.

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