Big Changes in Tallahassee

Tally Tours, a full service RTV provider and provider of Tallahassee Virtual Tours, has made some major improvements and upgrades over the past month. We have a brand new office located at 308 McDaniel St, a new photographer Amy, and a new office assistant David. Our main phone number will remain the same, 850-491-3909 and will ring directly to David to set up appointments, answer questions, and provide support.

Before we continue with our great news, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers that had appointments during this transition period and stuck with us as we upgraded.

Until recently, Tally Tours has been a “one man show.” A single person did the photography and office work. Keeping up with the workload had become increasingly difficult if not impossible at times for a single person. Our photographer can now focus on what she does best, taking great photos, while our office assistant David will do all of the computer work, scheduling and customer support.

Our valuable customers will soon begin to see major improvements all across the board. We have retrained and retooled to have a more efficient work flow that will provide even better quality end products than ever before!

New Service Packages
When we were operating as a “one man show”, a lot of time and effort went into a great product at as low of a cost as possible. With the new employees and office space, we needed to create new packages and prices that keep the business going at this level without sacrificing quality and customer service.

After surveying some of our customers, Tally Tours has come up with four new pricing levels for our residential virtual tour customers (previously there were only three). We’ve also created new marketing services to help our customers beyond just the virtual tour at a new lower cost. We are sure that the majority of our customers will agree with the survey group that the business upgrades warrant these much needed price points.

We would love to hear everyone’s input and comments! Good luck out there!

Myles Lasco

Tally Tours Inc
Tallahassee Virtual Tours
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